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​What is Origami Heaven?

​Origami Heaven is an Origami Convention organized by Long Island Folding Enthusiasts in Long Island, New York, USA.

This year, the 11th Origami Heaven will be held on Oct 30-Nov 1st at the Hilton Garden Inn inside the Stony Brook University campus. The theme for this year is "Trick or Crease". 

What's happening?

Origami Heaven 2015 (OH15) welcomes you to "Trick or Crease" during Halloween. Our 11th year promises to be a lot of fun and a great venue to share our passion for Origami, learn new things, meet old friends and make new ones and also enjoy a beautiful exhibition.

We are also dedicating part of Sunday's sessions of Origami Heaven to World Origami Days! There will be online sessions to connect with other groups and folders around the world. This would be a project of the new OrigamiUSA Project Connect.

"Trick or Crease" themed Halloween banquet.

"Trick or Crease" themed T-shirt designed by Talo Kawasaki. T-shirt included in registration (before Oct 20th).

It will all take place at the Stony Brook Hilton. All registration options include lunch.

Sunday lunch is a World Origami Days pasta and pizza party! (All included with registration)

Saturday lunch is wraps and salad. (All included with registration)

There is a special "Angel Pass" which will cover attendance, meals for both days and a tee shirt.

Individual days can be purchased. 

Origami Heaven Exhibition at the Wang Center. Special opening just for Our attendees.

​​Registration will be through the Origami USA website.

Special daylight folding time party for the late nighters...wanting to celebrate the extra hour!!!

credits: artwork by Talo Kawasaki; logo Origami Angel design by Ryan Dong, Origami Devil model by Paul Frasco